Sunday, July 25, 2010


You've probably noticed the lack of postings by me lately, this is attributed to two things, one: there hasn't been very much "mafia news' lately, and, I've been extremly busy. I'll probably continue writing on this blog sometime in the not-to-distant-future.

One thing I would like to point out when researching the mafia is don't take anything at face value. FBI informants such as Sammy "The bull" Gravano, and "little Al" D'Arco have been known to perjur themselves for the governments purposes. Others who have talked about their lives in the mafia have lied to suit their own purposes, in a way John "Junior" Gotti put it best. How can the FBI be a source when talking about the mafia. Indeed in an organation that lies, cheats, and murdes how can anyone trust anyone's word? The fact is, because mafia "history" is so convuluted with perjury and lies we'll probably never know the truth, only those who have "lived it" will know, and more then likely they will be unwilling to talk about their true experiences.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

34 mobsters indicted in Jersey

Trenton NJ: According to the Associated Press 34 mobsters of the Lucchese faction of jersey have been indicted on federal racketeering charges. The indictments are from an investigation into illegal gambling that handled billions of dollars in wagers, and relied on extortion and violence to collect debts. It also alleges that a former state corrections officer and high ranking member of the Nine trey set of the bloods worked the Lucchese members to smuggle drugs and pre-paid cellphones into New Jersey state prison.
Among those indited was Joseph DiNapoli and Matthew Madonna. Alleged members of teh Lucchese family ruling panel.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010's first

Looks like we have the first American mafia bust of 2010, it's happened a little before the site was put up but according to the New York Times this was the first bust of 2010. According to the times 14 members of the Gambino crime family have been charged with various crimes including extortion, gambling, loan sharking, marijuana and cocaine trafficking. There are also allegations of an attempted jury tampering in the John J Gotti trial(boss at the time)
Another charge is that of an interstate sex trafficking network in which they recruited members to work as prostitutes. They would advertise them online and drive them to the appointments while keeping half of the profit. According to the D.A (district Attorney) all the woman were under 20, and one was even 15.
The most recognizable member of those charged is Daniel Marino, an alleged member of the ruling panel (panel of bosses who make decisions for the family)
If these allegations are true (regarding the sex trafficking) this clearly marks one of the most embarrassing times for the mafia. I mean, what a woman does with her body is her business but using a 15 year old as a prostitute? That's just sick.